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Digital Artwork - Pet Portrait (Can add a Person or Add a Pet)

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Your pet is your family! Celebrate them with a portrait.

Allow me to draw your beloved pet. You also have the options to add a person or another pet.
What your purchase includes: 

  • A black and white portrait (I may add 1 color if I feel the artwork would benefit from it)
  • Final Artwork will be two digital images (one that is perfectly sized to use on your social media and one to print out for personal use.) You can frame it in your home or give it as a gift!

    Terms and Conditions:
    - All commission purchases are final. No refunds.
    - The final artwork is for Personal Use only.
    - You may not sell or exchange my artwork in any form (i.e. physical or digital, print or N F T, etc.) under any circumstances.
    - You also may not use my artwork in any published material, even free material, on any online or physical marketplace.
    - Any artwork I create is my own. I retain all rights to use, monetize, and advertise my artwork. This includes but is not limited to the sale of prints, digital originals, online marketing, published materials, or any other merchandise.

    Examples of Personal Use that I approve:
    - You may use the final artwork as a personal social media avatar/profile image.
    - You may use the final artwork as a post on your personal social media.
    - You may use the final artwork as a reference for a tattoo artist to tattoo on you.

    If you have any questions about purchasing a pet portrait, please contact me at: yimkeys [at]

    This purchase does not include revisions. Please provide as much detail, in writing and reference pictures, so the final artwork is as close to your vision as possible to: yimkeys [at] with your order number as proof of purchase. I work on a first come, first served basis. Thank you!